R. P.Chiacchierini Consulting, LLC

Statistical and Regulatory Consulting

R.P. Chiacchierini Consulting, LLC

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Richard P. Chiacchierini

Biostatistical Services

Dr. Chiacchierini provides statistical support for medical device products. He is a former FDA professional with decades of experience in a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic areas. He provides full statistical services from a study design to final report; provides statistical support and representation throughout the submission process; and reviews work done by other statisticians.

Statistical services include:

  • Assistance in protocol development, including refinement of research questions, study design, sample size justification, and description of statistical analysis methods
  • Assistance with statistical analysis, programming and reports
  • Assistance with comprehensive final data analysis and reports suitable for inclusion in regulatory applications, submissions, presentation and publication
  • Preparation of responses to FDA inquiries regarding statistical issues or deficiencies
  • Preparation and coordination of meetings with regulatory authorities
  • Assistance with product development strategies to optimize likelihood of regulatory approval
  • Assistance with Pre-clinical and clinical study design and analysis
  • Assistance with design, analysis and interpretation of experimental pre-clinical studies
  • Product applications and guidelines
  • FDA relationship guidance and dispute resolution
  • Performance of interim analysis for regulatory authorities and Data Safety Monitoring Boards